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It's a female show
Happens in a device
Traditional circus, the tightrope.
It is inspired by the voices of two icons of feminist literature: the Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938)
And the English writer Virginia Woolf
The woman and the clown
Are balanced in poetry,
Joining the circus and literature
To construct images, thoughts and sensations of that tightrope
Which sustains life....


Creation: Celeste Zalloechevarría and Fábio Freitas
Interpretation: Celeste Zalloechevarría
Directed by: Fábio Freitas
Scenography, structure construction and Lighting: Dodô Giovanetti
Costume: Florence Santángelo
Advisory on the move: María Angélica Gomes
Voice of Alfonsina Storni: Aurora Santángelo Earp and F. Santángelo
Voice of Virginia Woolf: Carol Cony
Photos: Gian Lana
Duration: 50 minutes
Classification: ATP

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