The action starts.

The woman prepares the scene.

She isn’t ready yet.

She needs to change her clothes,

comb her hair, put on some make-up.

She gets ready up on the ropes.

What is she looking at?

What is she waiting for?

She does not know yet.

The answer is in balance:

Her crossing, hat and cane.

Her magic crystal ball. 

Her tango song. 

The high hills that she will

wear to challenge herself. 

The children that she will

invite to play with her juggling


The giant bubble that

she will create.

Everything is in balance.

Everything is balance.

Created and performed by:

Celeste Zalloechevarría

Duration: 30 minutes
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Scenic area: - Minimum width: 9 m

             - Depth: 6 m

             - Minimum High: 5 m
The show can be performed either in closed spaces such as open,front or the 360 degrees  
Tightrope: Must have two anchor points.can be columns, fences, (trees, drill and stakes placed on the cement).
Time to mount equipment.: 40 minutes