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It is a show that was born in 2010 in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

In that year, Espuma Bruma decided to leave

her profession as a literature teacher to travel

the world

with her tightrope.  

It has as condiments giant bubbles,

a crystal ball and the

manipulation of objects.

All this atmosphere framed in Tango

and  the comedy of a clown

who finds in the imbalance

the bridge to play with the public.
rOdandO has the magic of a woman who,

from Latin America,

travels alone around the world using

the poetry of her tightrope

as a tool to move the audience. 

Created and performed by:

Celeste Zalloechevarría

Duration: 30 minutes
Rating: Suitable for all ages
Scenic area: - Minimum width: 9 m

             - Depth: 6 m

             - Minimum High: 5 m
The show can be performed either in closed spaces such as open,front or the 360 degrees  
Tightrope: Must have two anchor points.can be columns, fences, (trees, drill and stakes placed on the cement).
Time to mount equipment.: 40 minutes

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